Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven Station

Cooking pizzas in a standard oven can be an absolute pain — none of them get quite hot enough to char the crust or properly melt the cheese — and you can forget about cooking them on your outdoor grill. But with the Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven Station you can independently adjust the top and bottom gas burners, letting you perfectly hone the temperature up to points most ovens could never reach. The station also includes a complete prep area, with plenty of storage to hold all your pizza-making tools. It comes with every tool you'd ever need to make delicious Neapolitan-style pies, including a spatula, brush, dough trays, and more.

  • Refuel Smart Propane Tank

    If you grill with gas, chances are you've been there — you get all the necessary stuff together, and are all set to cook up a great dinner, when you realize you've run out of gas. But with the Refuel Smart Propane Tank you can leave these problems in the past, because you'll always know how much propane you have left. It uses a waterproof scale to keep track of your propane levels, wirelessly transmitting the information to an app on your phone. An included wired indicator attaches magnetically to your grill, so you can tell at a glance when it's time to fill your tank, even without pulling out your phone.

  • Spare Tire Mount Grill

    Everyone loves grilled food. But no one likes all the space traditional grills take up in their vehicles. Enter the Spare Tire Mount Grill. This ingenious little invention features laser cut grill and griddle sections made from stainless steel, which rest upon solid steel legs that hook over a spare wheel — preferably the rear-facing grill of a rugged SUV — and fit 29" to 37" tires. As for the food and the fire source, well, those are up to you.

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