Lego Mars Curiosity Rover

For the uninitiated, Lego Cuusoo is a forum for brick fans to submit, and vote on, potential sets that may one day make it to a Lego store near you. And the fifth set to rise through the ranks of the internet, the Lego Mars Curiosity Rover ($30), is equally as impressive as the initial four. Modeled from a set designed by a real NASA engineer, the rover is ready to tackle any challenges it faces on the Red Planet, with six-wheel suspension, an articulated robot arm, and plenty of places to mount a camera. It's the perfect toy for any space buff, or for the adult collector who couldn't stand to let one of these coveted sets slip through his fingers.

  • Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

    Step up your winter snow sports game with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster ($30) — capable of making and launching the perfect snowball. This blaster is the ideal tool for when the weather turns white and the competition gets serious, thanks to its removable and reversible built-in snowball maker. Able to make three snowballs at a time, the blaster can launch a snowball up to 80 feet at high velocity (much farther than you ever could with your own hands). The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, carry, and fire, while its blue, white, and orange design is well-suited to your winter get-up.

  • Attacknids

    Ever since we first watched Robot Wars, we've wished for a fighting 'bot of our own. Our wish has been granted with Attacknids ($70-$80). These roughly one foot-tall robots feature six legs that can move through water and mud up to three inches deep, 360-degree rotating heads, and weapons that fly up to 30 feet. You control all the action via a 2.4GHz wireless remote with a range of up to 200 feet — and don't worry about not being able to tell who won the battle. A direct will cause your armor to explode off your body; three hits and your 'bot shuts down, saving itself for the next fight. Sure, they look a little creepy, but they are based on spiders, after all.

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