Lego The Simpsons

In perhaps the most anticipated pop culture collaboration of a lifetime, everyone's favorite yellow minifigs and the cartoon world's most famous yellow family have finally joined forces. Lego The Simpsons ($200) will take two forms. The first, a Lego set, depicting the Simpson family's home painstakingly recreated in brick form — complete with minifigs of Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, Marge, and Ned Flanders. The second, a Lego-themed episode of The Simpsons planned to air on FOX in May of this year. The set is sure to please longtime Simpsons fans, with plenty of incredible details including the family's car, Bart's skateboard, a radioactive isotope, and much more. We can think of no better way to celebrate the show's 25th year than this iconic partnership. Expect the set in Lego stores this February.

  • Classic Skee Ball Machine

    If you're feeling a little nostalgic for the days when games were simpler, it might be time to go with an original, the Classic Skee Ball Machine ($7,000). Channeling the vintage look of a 1930s skee ball machine, this one features a hand-finished oak exterior with brass details. With a retro flip scoring display, a pull-handle activation lever, and five balls included with the set, you'll feel just like you (or your dad) did playing at carnivals and arcades. [via]

  • Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

    Step up your winter snow sports game with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster ($30) — capable of making and launching the perfect snowball. This blaster is the ideal tool for when the weather turns white and the competition gets serious, thanks to its removable and reversible built-in snowball maker. Able to make three snowballs at a time, the blaster can launch a snowball up to 80 feet at high velocity (much farther than you ever could with your own hands). The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, carry, and fire, while its blue, white, and orange design is well-suited to your winter get-up.

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