LG G3 Smartphone

For LG's latest iteration of their G series phones — the LG G3 Smartphone — they've stuck with some of its more defining characteristics, namely buttons relegated to the rear, a curved back, and a large HD screen. But, just about everything has been improved, from a more pronounced curve, to a higher definition screen, to a fingerprint-resistant metal back. Even the camera gets a bump, with a 13 megapixel sensor and improved autofocus. The phone also gets a simplified UI featuring contextual voice alerts that remind you to pack an umbrella or return an ignored call. Its five-and-a-half-inch display sports double the pixel density of full HD, while an improved battery helps to keep those pixels from using up all its juice.

  • Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot

    No matter where life takes you — whether you're a globe-trotting adventurer, an international businessman, or you just live out in the middle of nowhere — the last thing you want is to be cut off from the rest of the world. With the Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot you can go virtually anywhere and still access voice and data on up to five devices at a time. Small and portable, this device can go anywhere you can, and features a 100-foot radius of wireless connectivity. Use it to access the web over a satellite connection on your tablet, laptop, or phone, or make calls and receive messages using a range of available plans.

  • Apple Solid Gold iPhone 5S

    Sure, you can get your iPhone 5s in Apple's own gold finish, but so can just about anyone else with a few hundred dollars to throw around. If you really want to stand out from the crowd of folks poking at their devices all day, you need the Apple Solid Gold iPhone 5S ($3,300). Instead of the typical gold finish, this one comes in solid, 24-karat gold covering the edges, top, bottom, and back. You can also choose the platinum or rose gold additions — and if you're really feeling like showing off, go ahead and upgrade it with Swarovski style embellishments on the logo, bezel, and more.

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