LG Signature OLED TV W

It's not a typo — we're going to go ahead and guess that consonant at the end stands for "wallpaper". That's because the LG Signature OLED TV W is so unbelievably thin — just 2.57mm — that it basically blends into your wall. It does so by hiding the set's internals in a Dolby Atmos-certified sound bar, connected via a transparent ribbon cable. Pixel dimming control, Ultra luminance technology, and HDR with Dolby Vision support deliver outstanding picture quality, and the built-in webOS smart features let you access tons of worthy content without adding an unsightly extra box.

  • AirTV Player

    Televisions used to be simple. Just flip on the set and channel surf. And while it's great to have loads of options, switching inputs and remotes can be a real chore. AirTV Player aims to bring back the simplicity of the past while providing all the channels and services you already enjoy. Ideal for cord cutters, it allows you to get local channels without an input switch thanks to OTA antenna integration. It also won't require any contracts or commitments, and is a great alternative to the restrictions you experience as a cable subscriber. Download apps and integrate content sources for an easier, option-packed viewing experience.

  • LG ProBeam Projector

    With a compact design and a weight of just 4.6 pounds, the LG ProBeam Projector is an ideal starting point for a home theater that doesn't take up a ton of room. It uses an I-shaped laser engine to deliver a clear Full HD picture with up to 2,000 lumens of brightness, making it suitable for bright and dark rooms alike. Sound Sync Adjustment lets you send audio wirelessly over Bluetooth with no perceivable latency, Miracast support lets your stream directly from your phone, and built-in webOS smart TV features let you access your favorite content without the need for a separate box.

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