Little Devil Bloody Spice

Give dull Bloody Marys the boot and start fixing yours with Little Devil Bloody Spice. Hand-made in small batches, this delicious mix combines with vodka and chilled tomato juice to make nearly perfect drinks, adding heat, spice, citrus, seasoning and umami. Like many Bloody Mary mixes, it includes Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, lime, lemons, celery salt, and black pepper, but adds a hint of Japanese wasabi, as well as a few other secret ingredients. The result? Ideally spicy, incredibly flavorful drinks with little to no work on your part.

  • Caffe Borsa Hand Drip Coffee

    Making good coffee on the go can be a tough, messy process — hotel coffeemakers are some of the filthiest things on the planet, a french press is a pain to clean, and instant coffee is often pretty gross. With Caffe Borsa Hand Drip Coffee ($18), all you need is hot water and a mug to enjoy fresh drip coffee. Simply tear open the package, rip the top off the filter bag, and use the built-in supports to suspend it over your cup as you pour in hot water. Available in Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua, and Sumatra Mandehling.

  • Stella Artois Cidre

    Most of the ciders you come across here in the states tend to be sickly-sweet affairs, making them less than ideal for pairing with food — or for drinking more than just one. Soon, however, you'll be able to escape that sad fate by picking up some Stella Artois Cidre ($TBA). Launching May 13 in four-packs and 24 oz. bottles, this new drink is drier and crisper than your normal cider, made with hand-picked apples grown in wine-friendly regions, and design to complement foods like chicken, fish, many cheeses, and even Asian foods.

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