Love Letters of Great Men

Writing to the one you love is a time-honored tradition, no matter if you're a duke using a quill and ink or a modern day romantic letting your feelings be known 140 characters at a time. In either case, Love Letters of Great Men can provide some inspiration. This 150-page compilation of letters from throughout time includes poems and letters of both true loves and scandalous affairs alike from some of history's most well known men.

  • Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything

    Prolific. Immensely talented. Beyond intense. All of these things describe our friend Aaron Draplin, and are readily apparent in Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything. Described as a "mid-career survey" of his work, inspiration, and more, this nearly 300-page book includes full-color examples of his designs in fields ranging from brand logos to Field Notes, amusing commentary and advice from the man himself, and observations on contemporary design. A must for anyone who's interested in design, typography, or obsessive collections of matchbooks.

  • The Movie Book

    It doesn't matter whether you're a serious cinephile or just enjoy the occasional blockbuster — The Movie Book is likely to teach you a thing or two about the silver screen. Beginning with 1902's La Voyage Dans La Lune and continuing through modern day, this clever catalog covers over 100 of the best, most influential movies ever made, exploring the central themes and legacy of each through a series of photos, infographics, timelines, posters, informative text, and quotes. Perfect coffee table fodder for your home theater.

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