MacGyver Tool Kit

Most tool kits include things like screwdrivers, knives, sockets, wrenches, and other things to help you put stuff together and/or tear it apart. The MacGyver Tool Kit is different. Like its name suggests, it's filled with common items that can be used to fix a wide range of problems, from stopping a leak to building a homemade rocket. Okay, so we're not so sure about that one, but we are sure you can find something to do with the bobby pin, match, rubber band, bubble gum, birthday candle, paper clip, and other "tools" you'll inside.

  • Doettling Fortress Safe

    So you've amassed quite the collection of fine timepieces. That's great, but now you need a place to store them where you know they'll be protected. That's where the Doettling Fortress Safe comes in. Offering certified security — up to class VdS/EN 5 — this storage solution is ready for direct connection to a burglar alarm, and offers insurance of over $1,000,000. The luxurious box features eight watch winders and a drawer for jewelry in the main compartment, a Spanish cedar-lined humidor for your best cigars, a hygrometer and a barometer, a clock, two extra mini-safes able to hold three watches a piece, and, as a finishing touch, an exterior coated in the finest calfskin.

  • Survival Slingshot

    Whether you're prepping for the eventual downfall of humanity, you're a serious survivalist looking for an addition to your bug-out bag, or you're just a collector of bizarre weaponry, you need the Survival Slingshot. This multipurpose weapon accommodates normal slingshot balls, as well as full-size arrows — thanks to its folding whisker biscuit — so you can target shoot, bow fish, and hunt small game. Its rail system allows it to hold an included flashlight, as well as a range of additional attachments, while a compass and a waterproof storage area make it a versatile tool for handling the toughest situations nature throws your way.

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