Mirth Legal Beverages

If you've kept abreast of cannabis culture lately, you know well that smoking isn't the only way to catch a buzz — there's a whole array of edibles, extracts, and drinkables out that are just as effective (if not more so). And with Mirth Legal Beverages, you get all the benefits in the form of several tasty drinks. Choose from cold brew coffee, cold brew with milk and sugar, sparkling cherry, sparkling lemon ginger, and sparkling pomegranate — all infused with Washington-grown cannabis extract. They promise a powerful body buzz, uplifting euphoria, and head highs that will get you through the day. And while it might not be legal yet in your state, it may just be the best reason to take a trip Northeast.

  • Gin Wheel

    What is arguably the best summer cocktail, the gin and tonic, just got a little bit better, thanks to the Gin Wheel ($500). This Lazy Susan-style cabinet houses everything you need to mix up a proper drink — the center cutout holds your gin, doors on the top open to reveal an ice reservoir, a cutting board lifts off uncovering a garnish tray, and the side slides away revealing glasses, coasters, and bar tools. Includes four specialty glasses, four wood coasters, stainless steel ice tongs, a paring knife, a jigger, and a stirring spoon.

  • Caffe Borsa Hand Drip Coffee

    Making good coffee on the go can be a tough, messy process — hotel coffeemakers are some of the filthiest things on the planet, a french press is a pain to clean, and instant coffee is often pretty gross. With Caffe Borsa Hand Drip Coffee ($18), all you need is hot water and a mug to enjoy fresh drip coffee. Simply tear open the package, rip the top off the filter bag, and use the built-in supports to suspend it over your cup as you pour in hot water. Available in Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua, and Sumatra Mandehling.

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