Mono Vertigo Guitar Case

We're not going to lie — we were pretty flabbergasted that there hadn't already been a top-loading guitar case. Yet here we are, staring at the Mono Vertigo Guitar Case ($205), which claims to be the world's first. Aside from the aforementioned loading breakthrough, the Vertigo also features a redesigned Headlock system that automatically clamps your headstock in place, protecting it from side-to-side impact and backward drops, and a custom molded rubber outsole/EVA insole on the bottom, dubbed The Boot, that protects against vertical drops. All you need to do is load your axe, strap it on your back, and go.

  • DIY Print Shop Kits

    Teach yourself the craft of screen printing with these DIY Print Shop Kits ($250-$280). Available in t-shirt and poster varieties, each kit includes everything you need to get started, including a press, a wood screen, a halogen exposure light with mounting fixture, a squeegee, a scoop coater, a pint of photo emulsion, a yellow bulb, ink, a screen degraser, emulsion remover, adhesive, scrub pads, french or parchment paper, a manual, and an instructional DVD. Despite all the equipment, it's really not that hard. We promise.

  • Lehmann GoPro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Sure, you can get some cool footage from remote-controlled planes and helicopters — but you have to know how to fly the damn things first. The Lehmann LA100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (€990; roughly $1,330) removes that piece of the equation by autonomously flying around at heights of up to 300 feet for 5 minutes before returning back to you. Designed specifically for use with the GoPro Hero 2 or 3, you simply strap a camera to the top, bottom, or both, launch it, and wait for its return to view your footage. It's really that simple. *Hip electronic soundtrack for the resulting YouTube videos not included.

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