Moon Lunar Globe

We've had globes of the Earth for ages. It's time our only natural satellite got its due. The Moon Lunar Globe is a truly accurate 1/20 million replica of the Moon featuring every detail — craters, hills, and ridges — in full 3D, created using topographic data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. All that detail does no good if you can't see it, so it has a ring of LED lights that spin around it, illuminating the correct side of the moon, recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth, and putting every impressive detail into sharp relief. Also available without the lights, and as a larger, 1/11.5 million scale globe.

  • Nice Trails 3D Mountain Mementos

    You can tell tales, take photos, and record video, but without actually taking someone with you, it's hard to describe your most epic journeys. Nice Trails 3D Mountain Mementos makes it easier. These display-sized trophies use GPS data from your tracker or phone to plot your course over the real-world terrain, then 3D print out the landscape with your trail marked in contrasting color. Available in multiple sizes ranging from two to nearly eight inches long, they serve as both storytelling aids and reminders of times when you weren't sitting at your desk.

  • NASA Tourism Posters

    Someday, we hope to live in a world where tourism posters try to lure in travelers to the ultimate destination — a trip to space. These NASA Tourism Posters were created with that future in mind, beautifully depicting trips to Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn as potential destinations competing for your vacation money. There are 14 in all, but only three are available as high-quality prints from the design firm that created them.

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