Motorola Moto Z

Modular phones are a great idea, in theory. In practice, they tend to look like a LEGO kit on the back of your phone — only worse. The Motorola Moto Z has a seriously smart solution. It's compatible with "Moto Mods", a series of accessories that snap onto the back of the phone using powerful magnets, adding features like better speakers, a bigger battery, or even a projector, without the need for unsightly ports. Otherwise, it has all the specs you'd expect, like a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, a fingerprint reader, a 13 megapixel rear camera, super-speedy charging, and a water-repellent coating that helps it survive splashes and spills.

  • LG G5

    People have been wishing for modular smartphones since the first Treos appeared on the street. The LG G5 finally makes them a reality. Its small bottom bezel actually slides out, taking the battery with it, and can be replaced with modules that serve as a camera grip, a Hi-Fi DAC audio player, and more. Speaking of cameras, it has two on its rear surface, one with a 78-degree lens and a 16 megapixel sensor and another with a 135-degree lens for wide-angle 8 megapixel shots, and its 5.3-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum display has an always-on feature that shows you the time and date even when the phone's asleep.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    With curved glass on its sides, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stands out like few other smartphones. It performs better than most of them, as well. Thanks to optical image stabilization and an f/1.7 lens, its rear camera makes the most of its 12 megapixels, especially in low light. It's water and dust resistant, it has a hybrid SIM tray that supports microSD cards for added storage, and the fingerprint sensor keeps your data secure while supporting mobile payments. But perhaps the most interesting new feature is the always-on 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, which lets you see the time, date, and notifications, all without needing to wake the phone up. Available in black, gold, and silver, with 32GB of internal storage.

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