Moustache Coffee Club

When it comes to coffee, freshness matters. A lot. Which is why the Moustache Coffee Club roasts and ships your coffee on the same day. In most cases, you get your beans so quickly that you need to read the Recommended Drink Date to make sure you don't start brewing too soon. As for the beans themselves, they're different nearly every shipment, sourced from single origins and hand selected by the Moustache team. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans are available so you can choose one that fits your drinking habits.

  • Grounds & Hounds Coffee

    Spending extra money on organic fair trade coffee isn't a bad thing. When some of that money goes to help animals in need, it's even better. Grounds & Hounds Coffee offers a range of tasty blends, as well as single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Papau New Guinea. And with every purchase you make, the company gives 20% of the proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations that provide safe haven for dogs in between homes, giving them a second chance while you get your second wind.

  • Coil Iced Coffee Brewer

    Drink iced coffee when it's at its best and freshest with Coil. Up until now, to get iced coffee you had to either water it down using ice, or plan a day in advance by soaking the grounds. With Coil, just pour the hot coffee into the lid or brew it directly into the container. The coffee passes through copper tubing — which can drop the temperature from 210° to 48° in under 4 minutes. Instant gratification and your iced coffee never even touches ice.

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