Paparazzo iPhone Light

There no doubt that the iPhone can be an amazing photographic tool. What's not so amazing? The built-in flash. The Paparazzo iPhone Light ($50) is designed to give your photos a boost by replacing it with a 300 lumen LED light that connects to your iPhone's dock connector, adding a dedicated shutter button and handy grip in the process. Want to shoot video instead of a still? Simply flip the switch to video mode, hit the trigger, and watch as your previously grainy scene becomes something that's actually worth looking at.

  • Out of Print eBook Jackets

    We're generally fans of eBooks — the convenience factor far outweighs any missed tactile experience — but we do lament the slow, agonizing death of proper book covers. Out of Print eBook Jackets ($40-$45) seek to solve this dilemma by wrapping your Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or iPad in cover art from literary classics. Thanks to the fact that they're made like real books with book board and cloth, they feel just like real books, which is far more than we can say for the aluminum/plastic build of your tablet.

  • Vans Waffle iPhone Case

    You know what's nice to have on the back of a smartphone? Grip. You know what's designed to grip? The bottom of sneakers. So Vans did the smart thing and combined the two in the Vans Waffle iPhone Case ($28). Available in white, black, or pink, each flexible case features a gum rubber waffle sole replica on the back, a red heel-tag replica on the side, a toe cap replica on the top, and plenty of openings and push-through button covers so you can still use your phone like a phone. [Scouted by Jonathan]

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