Retro Futuristic Vehicles

Rarely does nostalgia and futurism blend as well as they do in these Retro Futuristic Vehicles concepts from Brazilian designer Jomar Machado. Mixing familiar silhouettes — motorcycles, Mustangs, and Porsches among them — with parts both vintage and currently impossible, they provide a potential glimpse into the future of travel that's both fantastic and yet feels fully grounded.

Photos: Jomar Machado

  • Crossout Nissan GT-R

    We all know that the best thing about the apocalypse will be the trick rat rods we get to drive while we're raiding the cult next door for fuel. That's pretty much the plot of Crossout, a game that aims to fulfill your end times fantasies. Think of it as Mad Max LEGOs: You have a massive box of car parts, and you get to assemble the four-wheeled Frankenstein of your dreams. YasidDesign did just that, using a Nissan Skyline GT-R as the base. Paired-down bodywork, hardpoints for attaching large caliber weaponry and a motor swap to something that will be a little easier to maintain than the stock GT-Rs twin-turbo I6 make this the perfect car for navigating the collapse of civilization.

    Photos: Yasid Design

  • Luxury Car Pickup Truck Concepts

    Pickups are primarily utilitarian vehicles. These Luxury Car Pickup Truck Concepts by transforming some of the world's sleekest rides into cargo haulers. Created by Neomam Studios for Ford Transit Direct, these renderings cover everything from a Lotus Elise and Lamborghini Urus to a Lexus LF-LC and, since this is a Ford thing, a Ford Fiesta RS. Needless to say, we don't expect to see any of these on the road anytime soon.

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