Our phones are great communication tools, but the traditional phone call is terribly inefficient — both people have to be available, and productivity grinds to a halt while you're talking. Roger lets you keep in touch with friends and family on an on-demand basis. Built by the people behind Spotify, you simply enter the person's phone number, tap to talk, and then tap to listen when they reply. It's a modern-day walkie talkie, no unsightly antennas required.

  • Sunshine

    No matter how good your local weather service is, there's no one who knows the weather outside better than the people in your own neighborhood. Sunshine leverages this fact to deliver hyper-local weather info in a clean, simple interface. In addition to the reports of those around you, you can submit your own condition updates to improve its accuracy, and it only takes a couple seconds. A slider at the bottom of the main screen lets you quickly check on the forecast, 3D Touch shortcuts make it easy to go straight to the weather at home or work, and smart notifications give you an overview of your day before you even get out of bed.

  • Pause

    Phones can easily become sources of stress. They can also help alleviate it. Pause does precisely that by leaning on principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness, having you slowly, methodically move your finger across the screen while splashes of color appear and calming audio plays. This combination of events triggers the body's "rest and digest" response, helping you focus and relieve stress anywhere, anytime you need a breather for your brain.

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