Scoop Advance Movie Screenings

Advance screenings are nothing new in Hollywood. In fact, it's not unusual for a movie to be recut or even go through reshoots based on those initial reactions. Scoop Advance Movie Screenings gives you a chance to give feedback on future releases from the comfort of your own home. Sign up, and you'll be added to their roster of potential viewers. Once you're selected, you'll get a copy of the video to screen, completely unique to you — so don't go sharing it everywhere. It's completely free. All they ask in return is that after you've watched, you fill out a simple form and tell the filmmakers what you thought, which is a small price to pay to get to see a potential blockbuster weeks or even months before the general public.

  • Samsung QLED TV

    As TV resolutions approach the limits of what we can actually see, color is fast becoming the next frontier for image quality improvement. The Samsung QLED TV makes a big improvement indeed. By adding a metal material to its nano-sized Quantum Dots, it makes leaps in both accuracy and efficiency. Indeed, it can express any color at any level of brightness, making for one of the most color-accurate displays ever seen on a consumer set. The TV also uses a single "invisible connection" cable to let you hide all your other devices without clutter. Available in three models with three mounting options: a no-gap wall-mount, a traditional, sculptural table stand, and an easel-like Studio Stand that makes even the most banal programming look like a work of art.

  • AirTV Player

    Televisions used to be simple. Just flip on the set and channel surf. And while it's great to have loads of options, switching inputs and remotes can be a real chore. AirTV Player aims to bring back the simplicity of the past while providing all the channels and services you already enjoy. Ideal for cord cutters, it allows you to get local channels without an input switch thanks to OTA antenna integration. It also won't require any contracts or commitments, and is a great alternative to the restrictions you experience as a cable subscriber. Download apps and integrate content sources for an easier, option-packed viewing experience.

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