Shelby Raptor

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. Like the company's long-running series of suped-up Mustangs, the Shelby Raptor ($18,000 and up, not inlcuding the SVT Raptor) takes Ford's already beastly truck to the next level. The package includes a 2.9L supercharger and a Shelby Borla exhaust that combine to boost the V8's output from 411 to 575 hp, optional custom wheels with 35-in Goodrich All-Terrain tires, and your choice of three graphics kits, one of which looks like it was inspired by the cover of a 1990's graphic novel. So don't choose that one.

  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    Yes, the venerable Cherokee is making a comeback — but it isn't quite what you think. Details are still scant on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee ($TBA), but it's believed to be a replacement for the far more feminine Liberty. Word also has it that it's built atop the Dodge Dart's platform, making it at most mid-sized and at worst an oversized hatchback. But none of that's the first thing you'll notice. Instead, you'll be staring at the bent-backward slotted grille and the sleek new headlamps — in fact, you're doing that right now, aren't you? Arriving in Q3 2013.

  • Wagonmaster Vintage Jeep Wagoneers

    It's pretty much impossible to find vintage Woodys in good condition — unless, of course, you're looking through the selection of Wagonmaster Vintage Jeep Wagoneers ($30,000-$45,000). Available in a wide range of years and colors, each vehicle has undergone a full mechanical workover, electrical inspection and upgrade, and cosmetic makeover if necessary. In addition, all of them sit on renewed, resurfaced year-appropriate Wagoneer rims with four new white sidewall tires. It's almost like buying a brand-new 30-year-old car, with the bonus of having the only one around.

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