The Spritz is a category of drinks that dates all the way back to 5th century Greeks and Romans, when it was common to mix or spritz water with wine. But it's the Italians who made the spritz what it is today. In Spritz: Italy's Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail, with Recipes, a history of the cocktail is offered, along with the evolution of this bitter, bubbly, low-alcohol aperitif that is a staple of Italian cocktail culture. From regional classics to modern variations, Spritz includes dozens of recipes, food pairings, and everything you need to create your very own Italian happy hour.

  • Atlas of the World

    We all carry a kind of atlas in our pockets thanks to apps like Maps and Google Earth. Neither can offer the wealth of information offered up in Atlas of the World. The only world atlas to be updated on an annual basis, this reference provides a unique glimpse into the world in which we live. Spread across its 400+ pages are over a hundred images of the Earth's surface, page after page of maps, graphs, and diagrams that help explain topics like geology, biodiversity, and the human condition in different locales, and striking satellite imagery taken from NASA's Landsat 8.

  • Burger Lab

    To get all the elements right for an amazing burger, there's more to consider than you may have realized. The Burger Lab: The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger is a cookbook that functions as a how-to guide for making, building, and even eating a burger. Included are sought-after recipes from cult burger joints, illustrated diagrams laid out in scientific detail, and even a look at the side dishes that go best with America's favorite fast food item.

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