Star Wars: Frames

If you're a true Star Wars fan, you can probably close your eyes and picture some of the series' most iconic moments: Han Solo as he's lowered into the carbon freezing chamber, or the bittersweet look of redemption on the face of Anakin Skywalker as Luke removes his mask. Star Wars: Frames ($90) is a celebration of 1,416 moments like these, hand-picked by George Lucas from over one million frames of film, and reproduced across two hardcover volumes — one for the original trilogy and one for the prequel trilogy. Each set arrives in a box designed to resemble Vader's Tie Fighter and opens to reveal images of the Sith Lord himself.

  • Beautiful Lego

    You all know by now that Legos aren't just meant for kids — there are grown men (and women) all over the world building incredible things out of these little colorful bricks. Beautiful Lego ($18) highlights the amazing creations made by Lego enthusiasts that really transcend the medium. This book features photos of Lego replicas of everyday objects and famous buildings, ships, creatures, and more, as well as interviews with the artists that give you a window into their creative minds. It might be just the inspiration you need to pull that box of bricks out of your basement and start building.

  • Home Is Where You Park It

    Most of you have probably at some point dreamt of ditching your mind-numbing nine to five, packing up your things in a van, and heading for the open road. Foster Huntington, author and photographer of Home Is Where You Park It ($65), did exactly that two years ago, and has been living in his VW Vanagon ever since. Along the way he has run into a number of like-minded people and their vans, documenting them as he went. This coffee-table book features over 100 photos of camping vans, as well as anecdotes about other travelers, and stories from his own experiences exploring the country surfing and camping.

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