Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoy the cascades of tiny bubbles at home with Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Canned on site at the company's Southeast Portland facility using special 11oz, nitro widget-sporting aluminum cans from Ball cannery in Europe, this alternative to regular coffee tastes great whether you pour it into a glass or drink it straight from the can.

  • Coil Iced Coffee Brewer

    Drink iced coffee when it's at its best and freshest with Coil. Up until now, to get iced coffee you had to either water it down using ice, or plan a day in advance by soaking the grounds. With Coil, just pour the hot coffee into the lid or brew it directly into the container. The coffee passes through copper tubing — which can drop the temperature from 210° to 48° in under 4 minutes. Instant gratification and your iced coffee never even touches ice.

  • Bush Smarts Camp Coffee Kit

    Drinking coffee in the wilderness doesn't have to mean accepting a sub-par cup of joe. With the Bush Smarts Camp Coffee Kit, you can make a great-tasting cup no matter where you are. This all-in-one package — perfect for gifting — includes a minimal mesh filter and a BPA-free bottle that you use to brew your coffee cowboy-style, mixing the grinds in with the water and straining them into the two included Kuksas for drinking. As for the coffee itself, it's sourced from Guatemala, and freshly roasted at 21Bean in Queens before being shipped to your door.

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