Swatch Scuba Libre Watches

With the Summer coming, you're sure to find ample opportunities to get wet at the beach (or lake, river, creek, swimmin' hole). While a sturdy dive watch will withstand a plunge, they're probably a bit nice to take tubing — and most don't look anything like the Swatch Scuba Libre Watches ($90). These Swatches feature outrageous color combinations, swappable bands, quartz movement, and water resistance down to 200 meters. While you probably won't wear one diving, it'll definitely look good by the water, and at that price you won't be too concerned if you leave it in the surf.

  • Shinola Runwell Chrono Watch

    Around here, made in America still counts for something — and at Shinola, it counts for a lot. Bringing craftsmanship and manufacturing back to the once great city of Detroit, each Shinola Runwell Chrono Watch is completely assembled by hand at their factories in the Motor City. Beautifully made from stainless steel, these watches feature a double curve sapphire crystal, luminous hands and indices, a date indicator, as well as a stopwatch function all in one attractive piece. Powered by an Argonite 5021 quartz movement consisting of Swiss-made components assembled here at home, this watch even sports a leather strap that's (you guessed it) American-made. Advertisement

  • Halda Race Pilot Watch

    Most "racing" watches sport nothing more than a fancy chronograph to count lap times. But the Halda Race Pilot Watch ($TBA) isn't most watches. This unique timepiece features two interchangeable modules that allow you to switch between a traditional or digital face as you please. The mechanical module is an automatic chronograph with a Zenith movement and a 50-hour power reserve, while the digital race module packs info about 150 of the world's best-known race tracks inside, and uses that into to calculate average speed, measure lap times down to 1/100th of a second, and a stainless steel case back that's designed to work as a resonance system, letting you hear your alarms above the din of the engine.

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