The Field Study Handbook

It's not exactly a "self-help" book — after all, most of those are little more than lists of steps to reach pre-determined goals. The Field Study Handbook is more of a guide to seeing the world differently so that you're capable of crafting your own steps and setting your own goals. Penned by the founder of a consultancy that specializes in human behavior, this brilliantly illustrated tome is an excellent way to ensure you make the most of your interactions with people and nature, both at home and abroad, such that you never waste an opportunity to enrich your life.

  • Where to Drink Coffee

    It wasn't that long ago when finding a good cup of coffee was difficult. But now, there are plenty of options for your caffeine fix, but they aren't all created equal. Where To Drink Coffee is an insider's guide to the best coffee spots around the world. Thanks to 150 baristas and coffee experts, a list of 600 places have been compiled. From the best cafes and restaurants to coffee shops in video stores and auto shops. This thick, hard-cover book includes reviews, maps, and is organized geographically for easy reference.

  • The Harley-Davidson Book

    If you thought the wildly popular Harley-Davidson image was confined only to the United States, you'd be very wrong. Even in Europe, the land of motorcycle racing and sport bikes, Harley enjoys a following as loyal as that in the US. From panheads to knuckleheads to shovelheads, choppers, EVOs, flat trackers and everything in between, The Harley-Davidson Book isn't just a photographic catalog of the bikes themselves, but the story of something that came to stand for things far bigger than anything on two wheels.

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