The Geometry of Pasta

You no doubt enjoy pasta with some regularity — but do you know where this versatile, yet simple culinary staple comes from? In The Perfect Shape + The Perfect Sauce = The Geometry of Pasta ($17) you'll find everything you didn't know you didn't know about pasta. Beginning with the basics (an introduction to ingredients, recipes for a few types of pasta and several sauces), the book dives deep into a huge range of pastas from A to Z. Each entry includes a brief history lesson, a detailed description, ideal sauce pairings, in some cases recipes for the pasta, and a black and white illustration.

  • The Complete Beer Course

    With the proliferation of fine craft beers in your local watering holes, it's become a great time to drink good brew — no more swilling watery, flavorless domestics. But, just because it's craft, doesn't mean it's good. The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes ($15) will give you the knowledge to intelligently discuss, and the confidence to selectively discern, the good and the bad. This book breaks it down into a series of reader-friendly courses, helping you understand the process, ingredients, and subtle flavors that make for a tasty beer. By the end you'll be able to casually chat about the hop varieties in your favorite IPA, or pass on that pedestrian pilsner.

  • Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Build a terrifying, albeit miniature, arsenal to defend your small space with Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction ($13 each). This series of books includes detailed instructions for building tiny weapons that fit perfectly on your desk or in your cubicle, all made with commonly-found office supplies and household items. While calling them weapons of mass destruction may be a bit hyperbolic, they'll certainly provide plenty of entertainment on a shrunken scale. Each book contains more than 30 weapons, ranging from trebuchets and catapults to blowguns and crossbows. Also included are strategic guidelines, clear diagrams, and safety tips (you could put an eye out with that).

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