The Hungover Cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook

Nevermind how you got in this state — if you're truly hungover, all you want to do is make it go away, and The Hungover Cookbook ($8) can help. Inside its cleverly dyslexic cover are classifications of six different types of hangovers with recipes for each, mind games, quizzes to see if you're actually hungover or just still drunk — yes, it happens — and jokes to help ease your shredded mind.

  • Icons of Men's Style

    Going by its title alone, you might think that Icons of Men's Style ($18) is a look at some of the most distinctive, stylish men in recent memory. You would be incorrect. Instead, this 192-page book makes the clothes and accessories the stars, by offering the provenance, history, design story, and influence of items like the polo, aviator sunglasses, cargo pants, and Panama hat, each getting the treatment deserving of a true icon.

  • The Moustache Grower's Guide

    Going well beyond a simple photographic catalog of fine facial hair, The Moustache Grower's Guide ($10) is here to help you on your way to grooming immortality. Weighing in at over 140 pages, it contains instructions on how to grow, groom, and maintain 30 different moustaches, as well as style tips to help you pair your hair with equally distinctive attire — because facial hair isn't just a statement, it's a lifestyle.

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