There, I Fixed It

There, I Fixed It

Not even the handiest among us can claim to have never fashioned together a crude-looking quick fix only to laugh when it failed in an unimaginable way. Taken straight from the Cheezburger blog of the same name, There, I Fixed It (No, You Didn't) ($10) is the ultimate coffee table book for the DIY-challenged, offering up over 200 full-color images of epic kludges, complete with all the snarky commentary you'd expect from the folks who got their start posting lolcats.

  • Three Times Carlin

    Just in case you missed out on the awesomeness of George Carlin's written humor, here's your second chance. Three Times Carlin ($12) brings the crazy one's three books — When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, Napalm and Silly Putty, and Brain Droppings — together in one killer 896-page compilation. Read responsibly — there's enough laughter fuel in here to seriously damage your sides.

  • SEAL Team Six

    They may have gained notoriety by capping Bin Laden, but SEAL Team Six ($15) was running black ops-style missions long before they became front page news. Written by former Team Six sniper Howard S. Wasdin, this 350-page memoir follows his journey through the ranks of the Navy to the SEALs, with intricate — and riveting — descriptions of life as one of the world's most feared assassins around every page.

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