Treehouse Drinking Chocolate

Your crumpled pack of Swiss Miss from the office kitchen, this is not. Founded by a former cacao farmer, Treehouse Drinking Chocolate aims to do justice to the craft and spirit of the plant. It's available in four flavors: Original, Camp (which blends the chocolate with organic coffee), Cherrywood (which mixes in cherrywood-smoked Oregon sea salt), and Nectar (sweetened with coconut nectar and a bit of organic coconut milk for good measure). No matter the variety you choose, you'll be getting a drink that's 72% cacao and crafted in small batches using cacao sourced from a farmer-owned coop in Northern Peru. And no, they don't have a variety with the mini marshmallows mixed in — you'll have to add those on your own.

  • Mr Lyan's Bonfire Old Fashioned

    When it comes to classic cocktails, there aren't many as popular and tasty as the Old Fashioned. But it can be pretty difficult to replicate the perfectly mixed version of the drink you get at your favorite bar. Mr Lyan's Bonfire Old Fashioned is trying to change that, by taking the famous recipe and bottling it for you to enjoy at home. A pioneer with bottled cocktails in London, Lyan uses their whiskey, some cola bitters, and a rare black tea called lapsang souchong, which adds a smoky bonfire to the cocktail. Just chill the bottle, pour, and enjoy at home without the help of a trained mixologist.

  • One Night Stand Potion

    Whether you're looking for the perfect addition to your morning coffee, or you just want to take your ordinary cocktail or fruit sorbet to the next level, you owe it to yourself to try One Night Stand Potion. Crafted from 100 años tequila, agave, mixed-origin South American chocolate, and Valrohna cocoa powder, this stuff is far from your ordinary chocolate sauce. Available in either four or 16-ounce bottles, and completely dairy free, this sauce is perfectly at home sitting on your bar, just waiting to upgrade your standard beverage with some chocolatey, boozy deliciousness.

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