True Prep

True Prep

Need to know when and when not to name a building after yourself, or have trouble telling your ascots from your Astors? True Prep ($14) can offer assistance. Co-written by the author of the seminal The Official Preppy Handbook and a devoted fan, Prep is dedicated to helping the well-off navigate their way through a modern world filled with technology, fast food, and increasingly expensive accessories. Also handy for Vampire Weekend wannabes.

  • Take Ivy

    A host of fashion inspiration awaits in the pages of Take Ivy ($25). Originally published in Japan in 1965, this unique tome offers up 145 full-color and black-and-white candid photographs of Ivy league students going about their daily lives. As Vampire Weekend can attest, Ivy style is seeing new levels of popularity, so whether you're looking to be the big man on campus or simply a more dignified version of your unkempt self, let these Ivy leaguers of the '60s — probably the same guys that now run Goldman Sachs, and thus, the world — show you how.

  • Rework

    Do you care, at all, about your work? Then pick up a copy of Rework ($13). Penned by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals, makers of Backpack — which we use every day to help write Uncrate — and other fine software products, Rework is filled with to-the-point rules on how to work more efficiently and be successful, with prose that's as succinct and direct as the rules themselves. No jargon, no bullshit, just great advice from a couple of the web's smartest guys. A must read.

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