Vans Waffle iPhone Case

You know what's nice to have on the back of a smartphone? Grip. You know what's designed to grip? The bottom of sneakers. So Vans did the smart thing and combined the two in the Vans Waffle iPhone Case ($28). Available in white, black, or pink, each flexible case features a gum rubber waffle sole replica on the back, a red heel-tag replica on the side, a toe cap replica on the top, and plenty of openings and push-through button covers so you can still use your phone like a phone. [Scouted by Jonathan]

  • Hone

    Losing your keys can be a huge annoyance — whether they've slipped into couch cushions or just been left in an odd place, searching for them can cost you valuable time. Hone ($50) can help you get that time back. This small Bluetooth 4 dongle pairs automatically with your iPhone 4S or iPad 3 using a free app, giving you an audible vibration or alert when you tap the "Find" button, so you can spend less time looking and more time doing. [Scouted by Sebastian]

  • WindFall

    Sure, it's marketed as a point-of-sale system, but the WindFall ($120) can be used in plenty of places other than a small business. Crafted from a single piece of thick, laser-cut steel, it features a fine-texture powdercoat finish, an included assembly tool that lets you secure your iPad inside, a unique pivot and slide design that makes it easy to slide around, a Kensington Security Slot for places where bolting it down isn't an option, and compatibility with the Square reader and MagTek iDynamo reader. Great for keeping recipes handy in the kitchen, keeping instructions handy in the garage, and keeping your guests entertained with photo hunt clones at your home bar.

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