Willett Family Estate Rye Whiskey

Whiskey collectors and connoisseurs are constantly hunting for the tastiest and rarest bottles around. Some bottles carry a hefty price tag, while others are just difficult to find. The latter is the case with Willett Family Estate Rye Whiskey ($35) which isn't outside of most price ranges, but not much is made and it's tough to track down. Every bottle contains a hand marked age statement and barrel number, but the amount of each batch rarely exceeds 200 bottles. Despite the 110 proof, it's an easy sipper, with a classic rye mintiness and a clean, crisp finish. Add it to your Whiskey Envy list.

  • Brenne Whiskey

    One word that we don't usually associate with whiskey is "sexy", but it certainly applies when it comes to Brenne Whiskey ($60). After all, a Single Malt Whiskey from France aged in Limousin Oak and finished in Cognac Casks sounds pretty damn sexy. And the taste lives up to that billing as well, with a fruit forward aroma and plenty of creamy goodness for your palate. Brenne isn't trying to be a bourbon or a scotch, but instead aims to embody a true French Whiskey. It's sophisticated, exclusive and most importantly, downright delicious.

  • Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey

    For those of you looking to explore a new area of the rye whiskey circuit, we present to you Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey ($70). This unique liquid is finished in Franco Caribbean Rum Casks which previously carried French cognac. The result is a rye whiskey that begins in a somewhat traditional fashion, but finishes like one you've never tasted before. The aroma is strong with brown sugar and spice, and the taste brings vanilla oak, maple sugar and a dry but sweet finish. It's as if a really great rye whiskey was made by rum runners in the Caribbean.

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