Hyundai Elevate Walking Car Concept

Hyundai and its CRADLE innovation incubator aren't content with just designing new cars — they want to change the definition of cars and what they're capable of. Called the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, the Elevate concept can go from a four-wheeled electric vehicle to a walker capable of climbing stairs or outdoor terrain, with a nearly unlimited range of movement from its extended legs. Doing away with hard-mounted suspension pieces, the Elevate rides — or walks — on hub-powered wheels connected to robotic legs. Each leg has a hip joint that can move five degrees horizontally or vertically and connects to a knee and ankle before terminating at the wheel. The wheel can spin 360 degrees, allowing steering when in driving mode or stability and grip in walking mode. While still in the concept stage, the Elevate could completely change the idea of what a car is — and what it can do.

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