Moto-Mucci Husqvarna TE570 Motorcycle

Picking a motorcycle depends on what type of riding you do — standard city commuting, street bikes for track day weekends and carving canyons, motocross for trails — and supermotos for any of the above. This 2001 Husqvarna TE570 supermoto by Moto-Mucci is a perfect example of a bike that's as at home in tight tarmac corners as it is off the beaten path. Starting with the TE570 single-lunger, Moto-Mucci took away everything you don't need and reinforced what you do. Custom valved suspension, bigger brakes, and a stainless exhaust have been added, along with a relocated radiator that also houses the headlights. The finishing touch is a well-patinaed tank from a 1973 Husqvarna CR360 that adds a bit of history to this modern motorcycle.

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