30 Days at Sea

It's a view of the Earth's just as mesmerizing as the view from outer space. Shot from aboard a massive container ship, this timelapse combines 80,000 photos over a 30 voyage across the Pacific Ocean and three of the business ports in the world, keeping the global supply chain connected.

  • Creating the Leica M10

    Founded by Ernst Leitz in 1924, Leica has been making some of the best optics for almost 100 years. A lot has changed since then — but Leica's commitment to quality hasn't. Go behind the scenes in Leica's factory to watch the painstaking assembly of Leica's M10 camera.

  • Driving a Real Mech

    Mechs: They aren't just for animes and video games anymore. Yang Jin-Ho is the chairman of Hankook Mirae Technology, a company focused on robotics. And they're focused on big robotics, creating a fully-articulated mech, piloted by a human. Translogic went to South Korea to take a test drive in something straight out of science fiction.

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