Forget brains or hands or walking upright — what really separates humans from animals is cooking meat with fire. It's a tradition shared the world over, having reached the level of art — art that can be consumed in the most literal sense. Director Matthew Salleh's Barbecue is a look at meat and flame across the world, something that we all take part in.

  • Pretending I'm a Superman

    We weren't pretending to be Superman — we were pretending to be Rodney Mullen, Bam Margera, and Tony Hawk. In places like Rio de Janiero, Los Angeles, and Portland. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater came in like a storm, selling millions of copies, spawning one of the biggest franchises in video game history, and making the arcane lingo of skateboarding a second language to millions. And that's without mentioning the legendary soundtracks. Ralph D'Amato was the producer on the first eight Tony Hawk games, and wants to bring the story behind them to the screen.

  • Rock Band

    You literally couldn't get any more rock than this. The Rube Goldberg of bands, this automated system uses a computer, MIDI, rocks, pleather, solenoids, and stepper motors to cover the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun". Also included is a list of the band members, with each contraption getting its own credit in the description.

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