Bedtimes / WoodSwimmer

Electronic band Bedtimes video for the single WoodSwimmer visually recreates the experience of swimming through liquefied wood. Animator Brett Foxwell painstakingly created the effect using stop-motion animation, photographing each piece of wood as it was thinly shaved down by a milling machine. Check out more Brett's amazing work on his website.

  • $100 Bass vs $10,000 Bass

    It's really easy to throw a lot of money at a guitar or bass. But much like having a supercar doesn't make you a race car driver, dropping thousands on a bass doesn't make you Bootsy Collins — it's all in your hands. Davie504 puts a $100, $700, and $10,000 bass guitars to the test, and not surprisingly, it's the player that makes all the difference.

  • The Lighter Side of True Detective and Se7n

    True Detective and Se7en thrive in the darkness of their characters, setting, and plot. But by the end, both the HBO series and the film reveal a surprising capacity for hope and change in their characters. This episode of Lessons from the Screenplay compares True Detective and Se7en to show how their characters find the light while swimming in darkness.

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