Birth of the Dragon

In one of the most legendary meetings of martial artists ever, Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man faced off against each other in 1964. Bruce Lee had been teaching martial arts to whites in the San Francisco area, drawing the ire of other local teachers. After Lee had a note hand delivered to Man, the fight was on. Birth of the Dragon comes to theaters August 25, 2017.

  • Awaken

    Cinematographer Tom Lowe is taking the time-lapse to another level. Awaken is a wordless look at humans, technology, and how it shapes our relationship to the world around us. Filmed over five years in 30 countries, Lowe developed some new tech to capture incredible footage from the skyline of Dubai to the northern lights.

  • Atomic Blonde Fight Training

    If you're going to play a lethal assassian, you're going to have to fight like one. Charlize Theron did just that while preparing for her role as MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton. In this Atomic Blonde featurette, Theron, dierctor David Leitch, and stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave reveal the intese training that went down to create the fight choregraphy for the film. More impressive than that, she did all of the stunts herself.

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