Charlie Day Vs. Hot Wings

Charlie Day can't handle his hot wings. The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star stopped by First We Feast for some hot conversation and even hotter hot sauce. While host Sean Evans plied Charlie with wings, he discussed everything from meeting his wife at an arm wrestling competition to how friendly Zac Efron is.

  • Arrival as a Response to Bad Movies

    If you haven't seen Denis Villeneuve's Arrival, be warned that there are major spoilers ahead. Go watch it. And then come back to the Nerdwriter's exposition on how the film takes the safe-bet swill that Hollywood cranks out on a monthly basis and shreds it. Nerdwriter looks at the high concepts of Arrival — time, language, communication — and how a film is, in the words of Andrei Tarkovsky, "a mosaic made of time."

  • Woody Allen's Career in Ten Lines

    Apple pie, baseball, block-long cars, Woody Allen: few things are more American. From comedies, dramas, Oscar-winners and critical bombs, and the sordid rumors of his personal life, Woody has been kicking out nearly a film a year for over half a century. This retrospective from The Solomon Society breaks the director and actor's long career down into ten of his most fascinating, memorable lines.

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