What begins as a simple exercise extrapolating a line across a grid quickly becomes an otherworldly animated adventure. As the line crosses the boundary of the grid a surreal deformation begins that spreads across the frame, again and again. Read more about the creation of this hand-drawn animation at artist Johan Rijpma's website.

  • Why Sloths are Slow

    Eat, sleep, hang out in trees and move really slow — the life of a sloth doesn't seem too bad. But that cute face and languid movements aren't an accident. Living in trees is a great way to avoid predators, but with a diet almost exclusively consisting of leaves, sloths don't get a lot of energy from their food. Taking their time and moving at a leisurely pace is one of a few ways they've adapted to their diet. TED looks at the giant ancestors of sloths and the much smaller modern species we know today.

  • Johnny Physical Lives

    He never sold out arenas. He never made the top of the Billboard charts. You can't stream his records. He won't be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — but he's a rock legend as much as anyone named Lennon, Bowie, or Vicious. Johnny Physical, aka Jonathan Neuman, fronted the New York-based band The Physicals. With Frankie Lines, Danny Animal, and Nick Fiction, The Physicals became a local phenomenon with Johnny fronting the band. But like so much in music, the story has a tragic ending. Johnny was diagnosed with leukemia and succumbed to the disease after a year-long battle. But gone doesn't mean forgotten. Johnny's brother Joshua made this portrait of Johnny, showing the person he was and keeping his memory alive.

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