Ghosts of the Arctic

Capturing polar bears in their natural setting is a rare event. Because they make their home on the sea ice of the Arctic Circle, photographers must endure -30ºC temperatures, frozen terrain, and equipment failures to get a glimpse of the maritime bear — but those who do get big rewards. Filmmakers Abraham Joffe and Dom West describe the difficulties of shooting on Earth's northernmost territory and the payoff that comes along with it.

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    Room 104

    Set in a typical American motel, the anthology series plays like a fly on the wall as 12 sets of occupants check in to room 104. With a revolving door of characters, you never know if you're going to get a drama, a comedy, or horror — but you can always guarantee it's going to get weird. Directed by Mark and Jay Duplass, the series has already premiered on HBO, with new episodes airing every Friday.

  • Eagle Prime

    It's ready. A 430 hp Chevy LS3 V8, tank treads, one giant claw, one double-barrelled paintball gun, and seating for two — America's entry in the Giant Robot Duel is here. Watch Eagle Prime as it drifts around a slalom course, busts through a barricade, and test fires it's weapon. The upcoming duel against Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries is almost here, and it looks like America is ready.

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