Godzilla: Monster Planet

After losing the battle against Godzilla and the giant monsters, humans are forced to pack up and abandon planet Earth. After a 20 year journey to another planet, they find it inhabitable — and a plan is hatched to return and take Earth back from Godzilla. The first animated film in the Godzilla franchise, Godzilla: Monster Planet releases November 2017 in Japan and worldwide on Netflix.

  • Speedboat Capital of the World

    Drug smugglers, the super-rich, and Miami Vice — three things that all come to mind when you think of speedboats. From their origins in the drug trade to today's fast party barges, boating for speed has come a long way. Miami is the undisputed speedboat capital of the world, and VICE went to South Beach to find out why.

  • 2017 World Yo-Yo Champion

    This is definitely not the yo-yo-ing you did as a kid. Shu Takada is the 2017 World Yo-Yo Champion and shows his mastery of the form in his winning performance on the stage in Iceland. His hypnotic skills on full display as he seems to tie himself in knots, unwind, and even add in a little bit of dance in a highly technical masterpiece.

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