Godzilla: Monster Planet

After losing the battle against Godzilla and the giant monsters, humans are forced to pack up and abandon planet Earth. After a 20 year journey to another planet, they find it inhabitable — and a plan is hatched to return and take Earth back from Godzilla. The first animated film in the Godzilla franchise, Godzilla: Monster Planet releases November 2017 in Japan and worldwide on Netflix.

  • Evolution of the Skyline GT-R

    It became a legend among the Gran Toursimo kids of the 90s, found a whole new audience in The Fast & the Furious movies in the early 00s, and finally came to the United States in 2007. The Nissan Skyline GT-R has been a performance staple in the Nissan lineup since 1969, born from the humble Skyline sedan and now a supercar icon.

  • The Taos Hum

    It can't be detected, but this hum has driven people from being mildly annoyed to attempting suicide. In Taos, New Mexico, a small percentage of people hear what's come to be called the Taos Hum. Described as a low-frequency humming, the sound comes from nowhere and is often attributed to hearing disorders. But local legend has it the sound has a far more frightening source.

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