Graffiti: Art or Vandalism

Graffiti is practically everywhere — on subways, bridges, and buildings. Artists like Banksy have turned the practice into a global phenomenon, garnering millions of dollars with their pieces. But painting on public walls goes way beyond this decade or even century. After digging into the history of graffiti, Kelly Wall tries to settle the debate on whether it's art or vandalism.

  • Reading Closed Books

    At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you don't even have to open a book to read it — almost. Research Scientist Barmak Heshmat and his team at the MIT Media Lab are able to image the contents of samples similar to closed books, with the goal of being able to analyze texts and documents that are too delicate or degraded to touch.

  • Triple Domino Spiral

    Professional Hevesh5 turned domino building into an art form with his latest masterpiece. Using over 15,000 dominoes, the master spent a total of 25 overs over eight days to create this multi-dimensional triple spiral. After all of that time, energy, and sanity lost, the piece came crashing down in just a matter of minutes.

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