How the Tomatometer Works

From reading quotes by studio execs, you'd think Rotten Tomatoes was solely responsible for the film industries struggles — unless the film earns a "fresh" rating. For a simple review aggregate site, Rotten Tomatoes takes a lot of flack. But what seems like just adding averaging positive and negative reviews isn't quite so simple. Vox looks at how the websites rankings are actually calculated.

  • How to Make a Pinball Machine

    Stern Pinball has been making pinball machines for a long time — back to the 1930s and the founding of arcade game giant Williams. Stern makes some of the biggest themed pinball games in the world, with machines featuring properties like Ghost Busters, Star Wars , and bands like AC/DC and Kiss. The A.V. Club went inside the Stern factory to see what it takes to turn over 3,500 parts into the best game in the world.

  • Babish's Curb Your Enthusiasm Special

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is back and Binging with Babish has a new episode featuring some of show's best dishes. From Ted Danson's sandwich to a wonderful Cobb salad, the most neurotic foods imaginable are all here.

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