Introducing Handle Robot

Boston Dynamics has taken the wraps off its latest autonomous robot. Called Handle, it looks like it was inspired by a horse walking on its back legs — making it slightly more creepy than the company's previous designs. Despite the strange looks, Handle can definitely perform — tackling uneven terrain, steps, 100-pound loads, and even jumping over concrete barriers with impressive ease.

  • Not Just O.J.

    He was a professional athlete, movie star, and pitchman that seemed to have broken not just a color barrier, but barriers plural, by not talking about race. And when he went on trial for the stabbing of his ex-wife and her friend, the televised court proceedings were perfectly concocted for American consumption. America loves to watch their celebrities fall even more than making them, and the case of O.J. Simpson crystallized this so perfectly it couldn't have been scripted any better. But even more than the tawdry gawking at murder victims and a man whose life was coming apart live on TV, the O.J. trial held a mirror up to America and forced us to look at ourselves, revealing some very uncomfortable truths.

  • Rolex in Movies

    There are watches, and there is Rolex. The name has meant accuracy, quality, and craftsmanship since 1905, and if time is important, then there is a Rolex on your wrist. This retrospective shows some of the iconic scenes that Rolex has shared over its 112 year history.

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