iPhone Repair School

Repairing any modern device looks impossible. Thousands of tiny components, all soldered onto multiple boards tightly layered on top of another — it's something only a robot could do. But Jessa Jones wants you to know that it isn't impossible — and to teach you how to do it. Jessa's background is in molecular genetics, and she used that to found the Practical Board Repair School, where she teaches the art of replacing microscopic parts.

  • The Art of Light

    Good lighting is always important in film and photography. United Visual Artists think it's equally as important on the stage. While showcasing their work with the British band Massive Attack, the London-based art and design group explore not just the visual aspects of stage lighting, but also the emotional and physical effect it can have on an audience.

  • The Story Of The Re-Evaluated

    Citizen Kane, Blade Runner, Vertigo, It's a Wonderful Life. All of these famous films have one thing in common — they all started off as flops. It's a running theme in cinema that films once rejected or considered box office bombs receive praise years later from a new audience. In this video essay, The Royal Ocean Film Society focuses on Greed, Heaven's Gate, and Peeping Tom to explore the phenomenon of the re-evaluated film.

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