The Future of Construction

LA-based Binishells is reinventing the construction business. The balloon-shaped structures are formed using low air pressure to create reinforced concrete shells. Using less labor and materials, the company can cut costs in half and build three times faster than traditional methods, while using less waste. They currently offer six systems that can be utilized for anything from homes and resorts to schools and public housing.

  • Wes Anderson's Admitted References

    There's no guesswork involved here. Candice Drouet compiled this cut of Anderson's work with references that he himself has claimed. Drouet's work reminds us that no matter how original we think we are, we're always building on the work of those before us.

  • The Discovery

    Is there an afterlife? According to Dr. Thomas Harbor, yes there is. In this Netflix film, Dr. Harbor scientifically verified that there is life after death, and people began killing themselves to get there. Although his son Will, played by Jason Segel, isn't entirely convinced that his father has really discovered the existence of an afterlife. The Discovery will be available for streaming March 31, 2017.

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