Real-Life Rocketeer

Jetpacks: They aren't just for secret agents and movies anymore. JetPack Aviation has brought fiction to reality with their self-contained personal flight systems. Devin Supertramp went to California to capture this epic demonstration of JetPacks' amazing technology.

  • Pool Trick Shots

    There's pool sharks, but Florian 'Venom' Kohler is more of a pool snake. The billards legend lends his abilities to the Dude Perfect crew for a trick shot explosion, and no balls are off limits.

  • The Art of Listening

    It's a long journey from an idea, to a song, to a record, to your stereo or phone or car, and finally — to your ears. From the makers of instruments to composers, producers, and engineers, the fingerprints of hundreds of people are indelibly stamped on the music we hear. The Art of Listening goes in-depth with the people who make music happen every day for the listening public.

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