It's A Disaster Trailer

A couples brunch takes a turn for the worst when dirty bombs are set off downtown. The film starring Julia Stiles and David Cross made its debut on the app Vine, one six second clip at a time, and will be in select theaters April 12, 2013.

  • You Can't Be My Girl by Darwin Deez

    Darwin Deez is the creeper in your stock video nightmares for the indie group's latest video. Their new album Songs For Imaginative People is out now.

  • How It Feels To Wear Project Glass

    Google is giving us an idea of what life would look like (if you are a professional ice-skating pilot who dances with the American Ballet and carves ice sculptures in their spare time) with this short video shot entirely through their Glass headset. The hands-free device allows you to send and receive messages, search the web, and take pictures and video, all with just the sound of your voice. Now, get out there and take up some hobbies interesting enough to record on a $1,500 pair of glasses.

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