Because a trip to Jupiter will probably never happen in our lifetime, here's a stunning flyby of the fifth planet from the sun. The video started when Mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt took still shots taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft and spent 60 hours editing them together. As if this wasn't enough, animator Seán Doran then spent another 12 hours smoothing each frame, all 2,400 of them, resulting in this awe-inspiring tribute to the gas giant. Time well spent.

  • 4K Storm-Lapse

    Emerging supercells are some of the most mesmerizing forces of nature and this compilation is no exception. For the last six years, photographer Chad Cowan chased storms around the Great Plains to capture some of Mother Nature's most intense thunderstorms, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy from behind your safe, dry computer screen.

  • Foo Fighters / Run

    The Foo Fighters are nearly elder statesmen of rock, but they aren't ready for the retirement home yet. The first new release since 2015, "Run" features the band inciting a riot in the old folks home, with Dave Grohl sporting what will hopefully be his trademark look in later years.

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