Maximize Your Misery

When you're happy, no one cares. When you're miserable, the world wants to know why. With an entire industry dedicated to showing you how to be happy, CGP Grey has seven tips to do just the opposite — maximize your misery.

  • Making 20-Year Rum in Six Days

    The Lost Spirits Distillery isn't your traditional liquor producer. Looking more like some surreal something from Alice in Wonderland, Lost Spirits is as much laboratory and funhouse than solemn brick and giant copper vats. WIRED goes backstage to see how this innovative company uses science and fiction to create aged liquors in a matter of days instead of decades.

  • Brian Shaw's 12,000 Calorie Diet

    If you want to be the strongest person on the planet, you need to eat like it — and World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw does. The four-time champion works with a nutritionist to keep his body fueled for his extreme workouts, consuming over 12,000 calories each day. Brian takes you into his kitchen to show what it takes to eat like a giant.

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