Myth-testing Christmas Movies

The great thing about movies is there're just movies. They're not real. You can fall off a skyscraper or get shot 27 times and still survive. Christmas movies are no different. With some help from Jake from Vsauce3, former NASA engineer Mark Rober puts scenes from Home Alone, Elf, and A Christmas Story up again science to see how they hold up. The pair place their bets and the winner gets a major award.

  • The Acquired Savant

    Jason Padgett went to a karaoke bar a normal person — and came home a mathematical genius. In 2002, after leaving the bar, Jason was beaten on his way home. His sight was forever altered, seeing a world of patterns and relationships in mathematical terms far outside the realm of average humans.

  • How Star Wars Should Have Ended

    With the largest and most advanced force the galaxy has ever seen, there's really no reason why the Empire shouldn't have crushed the Rebels. How It Should Have Ended not-so-subtly rewrites several key scenes in the Star Wars Special Edition to make the outcome a little less dramatic — and a lot more believable.

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